What is a Fever and What to Do About It?
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What is a Fever and What to Do About It?

What is a fever?


What to do about a fever?

  • Warm bath: An easy hoat area
  • tea canes draw the tempeever is and what to
  • s such as ts aone must bear in mind that if the fever
  • rature down from the head wong as the fever persis diet: Liquid food is preferred over solid food when e of 38.5°C (101weatingere is a fever, it is easy to become dehydrated. Y open up the pores and trigger s
  • foods like fast fots.at from the bo reaches 39.5°C (103°F) or higher, or if a mild temperaturs to sweat it out. Drinks man effective way to reduce body temperature during a fever ithere is a fever. At least, eat foods that are easy to digest. choices. Heavlp the fever pasde from several fever-reducing here it is dangerous to the feet where it can do no harm.Proper hydration: When thucing teahe armpits and the groin will have the same cooling effect.Sweat-ind. Apart from helping you to sweaake Alternatively, a tepid sponge badays, a doctor has to be consth espnd put them on the soles of the me remedy for fever is to take a bath in lukewarm water. Such a warm temperatuy°F) lastst, another herb, elderflower is also with elderflower, drink elderflower tea three times a day as lherbs can bring about this temperature lowering effect. Among these herbal teas, yarrow tea and gingerdo about it certainly will here will mhree ulted.dy to the feet. Soak two cloths or handkerchiefs in egg whites: As smoothly and with the least discomfort. However, ecially on the high-hefeet covered with dry socks. T
  • Cayenne pepper: Some people find eating cayenne pepper a good way to treat fever. This is because of the capsaicin in t
  • Egg whites: This home remedy for fever works by drawing the he
  • he egg whitou should drink lots of water to compensate for longer than t
  • Properod, chicken, fish, raw foods and fried foods should be completely avoided.

Knowing more about what a f

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Good information on fever and its management Pearl, FB liked.

I liked this on fb through phoenix, will come back to vote

Valuable and very informative write-up on fever and how to reduce.   Thanks

Excellent health article.Thank you.

Excellent post on health management. Very good tips. Thank you, Pearl.